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 Happy Times Subliminal Audio

Plug into the "Happiness Mode" instantly--you know, that positive vibe that can help turn your luck around!

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The Happy Times Subliminal Audio comes in MP3 format, available for instant download.  It features a catchy, snazzy-jazzy tune that is upbeat. It would be easy to feel happy just from the music, but there's more-- specially embedded in the audio are subliminal suggestions about feeling happy and positive.

If you've done much reading or studying about manifesting and attracting, you probably already realize the value of achieving and maintaining a happy mindset.

Change your mindset, change your life! 

Happy Times Subliminal

**Available as a FREE bonus when you purchase the Happy Times Subliminal Video, but we offer it separately here for those who just want the audio.

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Happy Times Subliminal Video

The Happy Times Subliminal Video

When you purchase the Happy Times Subliminal video, you get the audio sold on this page FREE, as a bonus.  If that's what you want, please click here, or click the DVD cover above.  It is the same soundtrack as the audio.

Just $4.99 Audio Only

 Happy Times Subliminal Audio

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Subliminal Video Messages:

an exciting technology That Can multiply your manifesting efforts exponentially! 

Beautiful, positive images, related to the theme of the video, are presented much like a slideshow, while text of various related statements and suggestions flashes ever so quickly, imprinting the ideas on your subconscious mind, almost effortlessly.  You don't need to be concerned with reading the text; in fact, it works better if you don't consciously pay attention to it.  Meanwhile, the soundtracks, with relaxing nature sounds, empowering music, or a dynamic blend of both, conceal subliminal audio of the same suggestions, that you will probably not consciously hear.

Watch, listen, relax...

Feel your Self Esteem Soar!

Get a quick shot of Happy when you need it

Let Happy Times lift your spirits any time you need a quick boost.  Combine with other subliminals and self improvement products to strengthen their effect by quickly achieving a happy joyous state of mind--key in manifesting!

NOTE:  These are the same videos that were sold by Nelson Berry on his sites, but as a reseller, the licensing terms do not allow us to use the same images, or exact wording. At these low prices, no refunds.  Also, please note that we cannot offer resale rights--those were only available when purchasing directly from Nelson Berry.  Sadly, he passed away several years ago.

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